What's New?

September 26th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 3.1 miles @ 00:26:37 averaging 00:08:35 mins/mile

September 25th
    Life Update: War Horses for Veterans 5K - Meet family and got 2nd place in my category
    Life Update: Emmas 5th Birthday party @ Mercury

September 24th
    Life Update: Ashbys First Soccer game - Difficult for her to get started, scored her teams only two goals

September 22nd
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 4.13 miles @ 00:42:43 averaging 00:10:21 mins/mile

September 19th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 4.04 miles @ 00:38:42 averaging 00:09:35 mins/mile

September 18th
    Life Update: Hang out with Todd and Monica - first time seeing Luke awake and the finished downstairs

September 17th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 3.12 miles @ 00:30:04 averaging 00:09:38 mins/mile

September 16th
    Life Update: Rich and Lynn hangout - BBQ, talked about relationships with other marrieds, Ashby got sick that night

September 15th
    Life Update: PomPom prior to Winnetonka and Shawnee Mission North game @ NKC High

September 14th
    Life Update: Juniper learns to ride bike with peddling, at least 90 seconds without falling

September 13th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 3.18 miles @ 00:32:17 averaging 00:10:09 mins/mile
    Life Update: Juniper got up early to bike - 32 seconds balance

September 12th
    Life Update: Juniper got up early to bike - 10 seconds balance

September 11th
    Life Update: Girls practiced PomPon at Winnetonka
    Life Update: Church went to two services - first time @ 9am
    Life Update: Ashbys bike lost tread and wanted training wheels off Juniper too

September 10th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 3.02 miles @ 00:29:54 averaging 00:09:54 mins/mile
    Life Update: Went to the Shoal Creek County Fair and then Captin Ds

September 9th
    Life Update: Fun(d)Run - Funraiser for new track at Fox Hill

September 7th
    Life Update: Ashby starts Little Lambs at Good Shephard

September 6th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 3.03 miles @ 00:29:06 averaging 00:09:36 mins/mile
    Life Update: Back to School Night for Preschool at Good Shephard

September 5th
    Life Update: Last day of oceans of fun for 2016 / Nano and Papos - picked up more stuff from storage

September 3rd
    Life Update: BBQ Birthday at Olives - Trampoline and Karaoke
    Life Update: At Lowes paver section while 5.3 earthquake

August 30th
    Life Update: Juniper went the Girl Scouts recruitment night

August 28th
    Life Update: 2016 Vet Conference - Lego contest judged by Juniper, Dickeys, Timed Raymond game

August 27th
    Life Update: 2016 Vet Conference - Legos, Sun Craft, Anne Park and baseball