What's New?

November 30th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 2 miles @ 00:19:40 averaging 00:09:50 mins/mile

November 27th
    Life Update: Went to the park with Todd, Zoie, and Sarah before it rained

November 26th
    Life Update: Walked trail with Todd, Zoie, and Sarah (found water main break)

November 25th
    Life Update: Sleep over at Nana and Papos - watched Moana

November 24th
    Life Update: Thanksgiving @ parents - Soccer in driveway; scooters and park

November 22nd
    Life Update: Juniper ran the turkey trot @ Foxhill - 9:39 time

November 18th
    Life Update: Fall Chili Party (33 people showed up)

November 16th
    Life Update: Meet the teacher night @ McDonalds
    Today's Quiet Time Notes: Genesis 27 - Jacob Steals Esau's Blessing
         How we react to a moral dilemma often expresses our real motives

November 12th
    Life Update: Meet Santa @ Braircliff with Mima and Jenny (Character drawings new)

November 11th
    Life Update: Veterans Day Assembly @ Fox Hill with Mima and Jenny

November 9th
    Life Update: Family Promise - April and two kids (3 and 4) - played with block and cars

November 6th
    Today's Quiet Time Notes: Genesis 26 - Issac (part II)
         When God influences our lives, it attracts people, even enemies - we must take the opportunity to reach out to them with God's love

November 2nd
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 2.63 miles @ 00:26:09 averaging 00:09:57 mins/mile

October 31st
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 2.62 miles @ 00:26:00 averaging 00:09:55 mins/mile
    Life Update: Halloween with neighbors - Todd and Zoie - as doctor, cenderella, and repunzal

October 29th
    Life Update: Halloween Glow - Halloween characters on main street, ran to last one at train station before 8pm
    Life Update: Watched Noels soccer game - first game to see her in

October 27th
    Life Update: Juniper School Halloween Party - As Doctor, feel scary iteams, make haunted houses
    Life Update: Ashby School Halloween Party - Parade, Nana Papo handed out candy, games
    Life Update: Juniper Dance Halloween Party - as witch, mummy pops

October 24th
    Life Update: Ashby Dance Halloween Party - Unicorn and gave out mummy pops
    Life Update: Juniper running club - 2.4 miles (again)

October 23rd
    Life Update: 2nd annual trip to Fun Farm in Karney - new nbasketball, football, birdhouse, etc; pumpkin crop bad this year

October 22nd
    Life Update: Juniper Dance @ Carolynns
    Life Update: Anniversary @ Decalb, MO - Ate P&Js (open 11 hours a week)

October 20th
    Life Update: Ashby PreK Pumpkin Patch field trip @ Pumpkins etc - Ashby loved the cat / salted the pumpkin patch

October 18th
    Life Update: Team Building @ Powerplay North - first time in GoKart

October 10th
    Life Update: Juniper running club - 2.4 miles