What's New?

August 21st
    Life Update: Oceans of Fun for about 3 hours, then Nana and Papo, and Sonic for shakes

August 19th
    Life Update: Juniper sleptover with Assya

August 17th
    Life Update: First day @ Fox Hill for Juniper

August 15th
    Life Update: Back to School Night @ Fox Hill

August 14th
    Life Update: Ashbys first haircut @ 5 years

August 12th
    Life Update: Parents Night Out / Date Night @ Applebees
    Life Update: Ashby showcase for summer camp

August 8th
    Life Update: Ashby started dance camp on her own
    Life Update: First and last swim of the year @ Nana and Papos

August 6th
    Life Update: Ashbys 5th Birthday party - Minnie Mouse theme @ Miss Dianas

August 2nd
    Life Update: Took Ashby to a brief outing to Chucky Cheese

July 29th
    Life Update: Rode bikes on trails at Anne Garney Park

July 28th
    Life Update: Visited Anne Garney Park for the first time

July 24th
    Life Update: Went to Oceans of Fun for the first time this season

July 18th
    Life Update: Juniper danced at Starlight

July 17th
    Life Update: Went to WOF with Layla - she encouraged Juniper to try new rides

July 15th
    Life Update: Went to finding Dory movie with Nana and Papo

July 4th
    Life Update: Hung out at WOF with Alissa and watched fireworks

June 27th
    Life Update: DISNEY VACATION: Day 7 - Epcot - Started with Soar, passports stamps to different countries

June 26th
    Life Update: DISNEY VACATION: Day 6 - Magic Kingdom - Accident on the way, many characters and princesses, rained mid-day, electrical parade and fireworks

June 25th
    Life Update: DISNEY VACATION: Day 5 - Hollywood Studios - Ashby loved the classic movie ride, Star Wars tours and Jedi training by Juniper

June 24th
    Life Update: DISNEY VACATION: Day 4 - Animal Kingdom - badges were favorites; Nemo and Lion King shows

June 23rd
    Life Update: DISNEY VACATION: Day 3 - Drive to MCO to pick up bus to Disney World / Winter mini golf and swimming / Disney Springs

June 22nd
    Life Update: DISNEY VACATION: Day 2 - Full day @ Cocoa Beach - a little sunburned from unexpected areas, only one place open for aloe

June 21st
    Life Update: DISNEY VACATION: Day 1 - Flew to Orlando @ 5:30am / checked into Coco Beach 4 hours early

June 20th
    Life Update: Could not find wallet for Disney trip, Mike agreed to go with me to the church building to find it.

June 18th
    Life Update: Dance Recital with Nana and Papo

June 17th
    Life Update: Going away party for Mike, Rebecca and kids

June 11th
    Life Update: MDSOD Competition Dress Rehearsal - Juniper helped other classes then practice