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October 15th
    Life Update: Saw new evangelist (Kevin) and lunch at Dykes - met their new dog and saw they creek and pond

October 14th
    Life Update: Soccer pictures (3 of 8 showed up) and rained about 20 minutes into practice

October 13th
    Life Update: Return flight from SFO delayed but not canceled

October 12th
    Life Update: 2017 PuppetConf (5/5) - Flight canceled because of wild fires, booked airport hotel, used Uber for the first time

October 11th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 3.72 miles @ 00:38:41 averaging 00:10:23.924731 mins/mile
    Life Update: 2017 PuppetConf (4/5) - First Day of conference, part at nightclub

October 10th
    Life Update: 2017 PuppetConf (3/5) - Heria
    Today's Quiet Time Notes: Reason for His Study (part I)
         It is the character of Jesus which has unique and endless significance

October 9th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 3.2 miles @ 00:33:38 averaging 00:10:30.625000 mins/mile
    Life Update: 2017 PuppetConf (2/5) - Classes, Profiles, Roles
    Today's Quiet Time Notes: The Character of Jesus (part II)
         The first century has been studied as no other century to understand Jesus

October 8th
    Life Update: 2017 PuppetConf (1/5) - Intro to Puppet (teacher from Gladstone)

October 5th
    Life Update: Parent/Teacher Conferences for both Juniper and Ashby

September 30th
    Life Update: Juniper in Gladfest parade (nana and papo got candy from kids)
    Life Update: When Juniper dancing at Gladfest (won mayor choice award), took Ashby to Soccer (no snack)
    Life Update: Zoies 10th birthday at Fun Run and then took them to Gladfest for unlimited rides

September 27th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 2.65 miles @ 00:29:30 averaging 00:11:07.924528 mins/mile

September 24th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 2.65 miles @ 00:31:06 averaging 00:11:44.150943 mins/mile
    Life Update: Busy Sunday - Church, Uncle Todd's Bday party, Ashby Soccer, Kids went to parents and then dinner at Culvers

September 23rd
    Added 1 photo(s) to Charts:

    Added 1 photo(s) to Financial:

    Added 1 photo(s) to Spiritual:

September 21st
    Life Update: DevOps Days Kansas City 2017 @ the Uptown theater

September 16th
    Life Update: Ashby starts Kindergarden soccer

September 15th
    Life Update: Ashby lost 2nd tooth while dancing
    Life Update: Grandparents day for Juniper and Ashby

September 14th
    Life Update: Juniper went in early for first day of Fox Hill singers

September 10th
    Life Update: Nano and Papos for Milkweed plan for butterflies

September 9th
    Life Update: Garage sales in Willow, Fox Hill neighborhoods