What's New?

April 23rd
    Life Update: Hanna Straub 2nd birthday party at their house

April 22nd
    Life Update: Juniper - Masquerade Dance Competition at Music Hall (Platium and encore for High School musical)
    Life Update: Ashby soccer game - scored 3 of the 4 goals
    Life Update: Olivia 5th birthday party at Mercury gymastics

April 20th
    Life Update: Ashbys preschool field trip - Red Barn Farm Trip

April 14th
    Life Update: Juniper first day of SAGE

April 13th
    Life Update: Juniper FoxHill 3rd grade Choir Concert

April 10th
    Life Update: Lost phone in Walmart

April 7th
    Life Update: Juniper found out she was accepted to SAGE

April 4th
    Life Update: Juniper tested with Sage people
    Life Update: Kindergarten Roundup for Ashby

April 2nd
    Life Update: Edge competition at Excelsior Springs (day 2)

April 1st
    Life Update: FoxHill Carnival - First time - butterfly and flower balloons
    Life Update: Ashby first spring soccer - Emma on her team
    Life Update: Edge competition at Excelsior Springs (day 1)

March 28th
    Added a new Bible Study: Made Complete in Jesus

March 26th
    Life Update: Found we are moving back to one service - 10am

March 25th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 2.22 miles @ 00:23:48 averaging 00:10:43.243243 mins/mile
    Life Update: Alssya Birthday party - Olathe East Bowling - Ashby very tired

March 24th
    Life Update: Alicens 9th birthday party in Smithville

March 21st
    Life Update: Trip to STL (Spring Break) - Sculpture Park

March 20th
    Life Update: Trip to STL (Spring Break) - City Museum

March 19th
    Life Update: Trip to STL (Spring Break) - CastleRock Park - trail to bluffs, creek bed

March 18th
    Life Update: Trip to STL - Spring Break

March 17th
    Life Update: Fox Hill Pastries with Parents

March 11th
    Life Update: Saw parents after a month ( cruise, dad sick), Beth at woman's brunch, and patterson birthday party

March 2nd
    Life Update: Ashby continues to give out valentines at dance

February 25th
    Life Update: Hackathon final presenations - Project BreakOut, won 1st place

February 23rd
    Life Update: Hackathon starts- Project BreakOut