What's New?

July 24th
    Life Update: Signed Ashby up for first Mercury gymanics class

July 22nd
    Life Update: Commerce/Royals Picnic - 101 degrees, left after 5th inning - Royals won 7-2

July 18th
    Life Update: LA VACATION: Will Rogers Beach and LAX to KC

July 17th
    Life Update: LA VACATION: Disneyland with Kenne

July 16th
    Life Update: LA VACATION: Hollywood sightseeing - Observatory, Walk of Fame, swam at Disneyland hotel

July 15th
    Life Update: LA VACATION: LA Zoo and Hollywood sign

July 14th
    Life Update: LA VACATION: Universal Studios Hollywood

July 13th
    Life Update: LA VACATION: Drive to Sequoias and then to Glendale

July 12th
    Life Update: LA VACATION: Yosemite Valley

July 11th
    Life Update: LA VACATION: Fly to LAX, drive to Yosemite

July 4th
    Life Update: 4th at my parents - Joseph and Juniper lit fireworks, Ashby got rash from sun lotion

July 3rd
    Life Update: Lala came over for water games

June 18th
    Life Update: Father's Day with Mima and Aunt Jenny @ Hongs, with dad @ Culvers

June 12th
    Life Update: Ashby starts K2K (first day at FoxHill)

June 11th
    Life Update: Merice Hooks last Sunday with the church

June 10th
    Life Update: Recital practice @ Miss Dianas

June 9th
    Life Update: Lala birthday party @ SkyZone

June 3rd
    Life Update: Noah (9) and Landon (6) Birthday Party @ Kirksvillw Park and Griled at the cabins

June 2nd
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 2.63 miles @ 00:28:17 averaging 00:10:45.247148 mins/mile
    Life Update: Trip to Kirksville - Took half day, saw Noahs baseball game, and Pancake City

May 30th
    Life Update: Juniper - Requested Donuts and McDonalds for Birthday

May 27th
    Life Update: Juniper 9th Moana Birthday Party - Linbo, find coins on the beach, boat ride, and pinata

May 25th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 2.72 miles @ 00:27:36 averaging 00:10:08.823529 mins/mile

May 24th
    Life Update: Junipers 3rd grade awards ceremony - won music and stuco awards

May 23rd
    Life Update: Went to see Junipers 3rd STEM project - catapult

May 22nd
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 2.64 miles @ 00:28:32 averaging 00:10:48.484848 mins/mile

May 20th
    Life Update: Hannah & Tierney Grad party @ MDSOD (saw Peter Nielsen)
    Life Update: Kylie 5th birthday party at Gladstone CC - swimming/moana party

May 18th
    Added to Running Stats: Ran 1.5 miles @ 00:17:30 averaging 00:11:40.000000 mins/mile